10-step skincare with only 4 products

If you haven’t heard, the latest trend in K-beauty skincare is called “7 Skin Method”.  It is suppose to provide more intense hydration while eliminating the clutter created by all the products necessary for 10-step skincare regimens.

Products recommended for typical 10-step skincare regimen (from Sokoglam)


The term ‘skin’ is a preferred term among Korean products for toners.  ‘Booster’ is another common term you may come across that refers to a category of toners.  As the name suggests, 7 Skin Method simply means you apply your preferred skin / booster / toner 7 times.  Sarah at Glow Recipe wrote about her take here.  The most important thing to remember here is to use a non-astringent toner.
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Random product of the month: November edition

For those of us who has ever wanted to look like an emoji in real life, there’s now a product that gets us one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

img_3267 img_3268

Ziukoza from Too Cool for School promises to remove those pesky and stubborn lips and eyes.  Lips and eyes are great for micro-expressions but why bother when a simple pair of dots and a parenthesis does a perfect job of expressing everything you need to communicate? 😕🙂

Miracle oil that saved my nails

You know how your nails get all white and ridge-y when they’re dry?  For me, it’s not so much the polish or appliqué or nail glue.  In my case, nail dryness is always caused by the removal process. I mean, I can’t be the only one who takes joy in peeling off gel polish, right?  There’s something so sinfully delightful about peeling those color chips off your nails, like picking at a scab you know you shouldn’t even touch.
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Lost in translation: Whitening

People often whisper about Asian ideals of beauty to be more “white”.  I have LOTS to say on this matter. But today, I will focus on one frequently misunderstood term: whitening.

The most important thing to know about whitening skincare products, at least among Asian beauty options, is that it does not mean skin bleaching.  From my day jab experience in marketing, I can appreciate the confusion.
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Random product of the month: May Edition

Transform into an attractive lady!


“Steps that can transform an average-looking woman into an attractive lady”…

That’s what it says on the product box. Of course I was going to buy it. I didn’t even look at the product, I was entranced by the promise of becoming an attractive lady.

The product?

Tony Moly Nail Patch
Tony Moly Nail Patch


Who knew ridged-nails could be such a threat to my attractiveness. Also, I suppose using this will imbue in me some level of class…?  That’s good because as is, I am no lady.


Airbrush misuse that can save your eye makeup

Where have you been all my life?
Where have you been all my life?

I own a makeup airbrush.  No, that’s not right.  I own TWO makeup airbrushes.  My ‘starter’ set was an Aeroblend kit I bought on Amazon last year.  I love what it did for my foundation, but I have limited space on my vanity and the whole tube/cable-thing… ugh, I’m so over it!  I kept knocking things over and it made me frustrated enough that I just kinda stopped using it.

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Baked lips are the new lip stains – recipe included

I love lip stains. Their ability to outlast is no joke. There are, of course, a few down sides to its durability. For instance, I spilled some lip stain and got it on my finger. Two days later, it’s still there.

That’s not a Sharpie stain… (and clearly, I’m overdue for a manicure!)

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Face-off: Rae Morris vs. Pony Effect Magnetic Brushes [REVIEW]

Pony Effect Magnetic Brush Set


Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Set


Since Pony Effect Magnetic Brush Set launched earlier this year, there’s been some debate online whether she blatantly copied Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Set idea or as it’s been claimed “researched and improved upon”.  No doubt the similarities are striking.  I mean, really really striking… like, they could have at least made an effort to produce the metal frame to be in a different shape.  Are you with me that squares are sooooo 90’s???  What’s wrong with a good ol’ fashioned trapezoid?

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April Giveaway

April Giveaway


I have a pretty bad short-term memory.  My long-term memory wouldn’t win awards either.  And I’m impatient – once I decide I want something, it’s like an itch in my brain I can’t scratch until I give in and order it.  And given the lag in shipping from some Korean retailers (some can take 3-4 weeks), this means I often forget I purchased the item, just haven’t received it yet, and repurchase.  This means I have more duplicates in my inventory than I care to admit.  This is your [potential] gain.
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