It’s all so ridiculous… until it isn’t

Bird’s nest.  Pig jelly.  Caviar.  Egg white.  Snail extract.

That looks more like an ingredient list for some fusion take on a traditional Bird’s Nest soup.

birds nest soup 1

So how did they end up on my face?

I definitely rolled eyes when I first heard about snail extract as an ingredient in skin care products.  I didn’t stop rolling them until I decided to order Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask on a whim.


This was my trial into snail extracts and sleeping masks.  I mean, taking the slime snails produce when they get scared and putting it on my face just sounded too bizarre to pass up.  And the skeptic in me didn’t understand why people just didn’t call sleeping masks what they really were… night cream.

I wouldn’t say that this made a k-beauty convert out of me but it loosened me up.  I found the scent of the product was not overly pungent, which tends to be a big deal breaker for me.  The texture of the cream once it was applied to my face felt both velvety and filmy.   It wasn’t quite pleasant but tolerable.  And there was a noticeable difference in the morning.  My face felt smoother and not as tight (typical sign of dry skin for me) in the morning after I rinsed.

Sad to say the effect didn’t last the whole day for me.  That could have been due to several factors like wearing too much make up, moisturizer that was too light, or that being the first day the heater was turned on in my office.  But it was enough to get me to keep using it and try other sleeping packs.  And other snail masks.

I’ve moved on to mud, clay, caviar, gold, bird’s nest and whatever is the latest and greatest ingredient.  I have no doubt I will keep trying oddly weird and fantastical ingredients.  But snail extract was my gateway drug for k-beauty skincare and Missha sleeping pack will always have a sentimental place in my heart for opening my eyes to the possibilities of various animal and organic excrement for the use of facial hydration.


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  1. It figures that they’d rule that way on a Monday. The level of schadenfreuid I’m experiencing should be accompanied by a few celebratory drinks, but I have to get up and come back to work tomorrow mo8;gni.(That&#r217ns where I am now, FWIW.)Oh, well. I can still smile.

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