Face-Off: Clarisonic vs. Foreo Luna Mini [REVIEW]

Santa hooked the SKINista up this year.  I got some sweet-ass goodies under the trees.

Granted, I bought the stuff for myself with my husband’s credit card and called it ‘gifts’.  I thought it was especially endearing when my husband handed me my presents and prefaced with “Wait, I bought you this?!”

Net net, as they say in my biz, I happily ended up with both Clarisonic and Foreo Luna.

I had a Clarisonic Mia before. Liked it but didn’t like the inconvenience of having to plug it every few days.  The Mia 3 edition, the one I got as a Christmas gift, has a drying / charging station which eliminates that small hassle.


Aside from the drying stand, the effects of Mia 3 is pretty much the same.  And that’s not a criticism.

Foreo Luna Mini is the ‘travel’ version of the Luna. One charge is supposedly good for 6 months. I haven’t had it long enough to confirm that but suffice to say I haven’t had to charge it yet.


The biggest difference I’ve seen in the two devices is that Luna Mini feels more like a massager and Clarisonic feels more like an exfoliator.

I use Clarisonic once-a-day while I use Foreo Luna primarily for travel (it has earned a permanent place in my travel toiletry bag). Foreo Luna is also perfect if I want to use a face cleansing device with one of my wash-off masks. The fact that the bristles are built-in and doesn’t require replacing is also a major advantage given that Clarisonic replacement brush heads are $20 or more a pop.

In summary, I like both and wouldn’t trade-in one for the other. Each has respective benefits and appeal.  Without question, Foreo Luna Mini is more of a bargain at $99 vs. Clarisonic which retails for $199.  If I had to choose one, I would go with Clarisonic based purely on tactile assessment – my skin feels smoother afterwards.  But both products are wonderful and whichever you choose, I don’t think you could make a bad choice between the two.

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