A slacker’s guide to easing ‘bottle-burden’

2 words: pump bottles.

I read somewhere that it takes 3 times as much energy to START moving, than it takes to KEEP moving.  I think it has to do with physics and momentum vs. inertia but I’m not sure.  Physics was my worst subject in school – I only got A- and I wasn’t allowed to watch TV for a week because of my poor academic performance.  Which, if you think about it, explains so much about me…

In any case, I bring this up to justify I lazy I am.  I am so lazy that if I have to pick up a bottle, upcap it, turn it upside down, shake it and then close the bottle again… well the likelihood of me using that product, regardless of how amazing it is, slowly declines over time from 100% likely to about 12% likely (that, of course, is a non-scientific observation… hence the less than ideal grade in Physics).  This matter to me especially when it comes to my multi-step skincare regimen.

I found that over a course of few years since I adopted the k-beauty multi-step regimen, I have several bottles of products that go unused.  Case in point is my Nature Republic Super Aqua Watery Toner.  It remains my favorite toner of all the toners I’ve ever tried.  But I rarely use it because the bottle is unwieldy.  The cap is very large and the bottle is very slippery if you have any moisture on your hands, and the amount that comes out (you have to shake the bottle up and down to dispense) is unpredictable.


On a whim sometime last year, I filled up an empty liquid soap dispenser with the toner.  It was a pain in the ass.  And I spilled a lot.  That could also have been because I refused to put down the glass of wine I was drinking.  But I was never that coordinated to begin with so I doubt it would have made any difference.

This is what happened a year later:

They multiplied!

I loved it so much, now I make it a practice to pour anything and everything that can be poured into pump bottles.  I also organize the bottles in the order of use – from toner to emulsion, left to right.  If you can read my hand-written labels, you might also realize that some of these products already come in pump bottles.

Belif Hungarian Water Essence, for instance, already comes in a pump bottle.  I am so lazy that even the pump bottles that require me to pick it up in order to dispense are too much work.  I prefer the pump bottles with long spouts so all I have to do is put my palm under and press down.

belif essence

It’s a matter of preference.  I would rather spend a few minutes pouring the product in a dispenser I like than use the original packaging and end up wasting precious micro-seconds each time I wash my face.  Plus, I’ve discovered a much more efficient system using a funnel that allows me to pour contents into a bottle with minimal waste… and even less movement.

My aversion to movement is to such a degree that I use straws to drink everything from wine to coffee.  But instead of calling it laziness, let’s do what logistics experts do and say I suffer from energy deficiency which prohibits me from catalyzing movement when in an inert state.

If, like me, you get discouraged at times by the sheer multitude of products that make up your skincare regimen, find ways to simplify without compromising the routine.  It may be that a funnel and some empty pump bottles might be what you’ve been missing.

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