How to fly and hydrate at the same time

Nothing irritates my face like long flights.  Air travel has never been kind to me and it wasn’t until I started traveling to Asia and to California on a semi-regular basis that I got wise to some hydration tricks.  Here are 4 different skincare products you should consider for your next big trip:

Sheet masks: Hands down the best way to keep your skin hydrated and calm on long flights.  I love trying different sheet masks but Leaders Coconut Bio Gel Masks are the best bargain I can find.  They feel great and at $1.41 per mask, it’s hard to beat the value.  I suggest you wait until they turn down the lights before you put them on and save yourself the trouble of having to explain to your seat neighbors.

Leaders Coconut Bio Gel Masks: Broccoli, Blueberry, Orange and Tomato







Sleeping packs: Apply before you board your flight and just ‘set it and forget it’.  Rinse and follow up with your skin care routine once you arrive and settle in at your destination.  My go-to sleeping pack is Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack.  I love the creamy but non-sticky feel of the product.  Lioele Sleeping Pack or Laneige Water Sleeping Pack would be good choices if you tend to prefer lighter texture.

laneige lioele toocoolforschool

Mist: If I know I’m going to be on a plane or in a car for a few hours, I try to bring a mist with me.  But be mindful of seat neighbors who don’t always appreciate second-hand hydration.  I tried a few different mists and didn’t fall in love with any particular one, until I made my own.  It’s easier than it sounds – I simply filled a small spray bottle with Missha Time Revolution First Essence.  A close second is Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist.  Neither would be considered cheap.  If you’re looking to find a more affordable mist option, you could always use a small spray bottle like this one and experiment with your favorite toner or essence that come in liquid form.  That’s how I found what works for me.

first essence olivemist

Multi Stick or Balm: I love these oversized Chapsticks for your face.  It’s Skin Pure Eye Balm is technically for the eye area but I love the cooling effect and once I take it out, I end up applying it to most of my face.  I haven’t tried Moistfull Collagen Facial Multi Stick from Etude House yet; I love the eye cream and moisturizing cream from the same line.  It’s been on my Wish List for half a year and I’m dying to give it a go.

Its-Skin-Pure-Moisture-Stick-Eye-Balm multistick

Look, traveling is stressful enough.  But that’s no excuse to neglect your skin.  Grab one of these travel-friendly options for your next big trip.  Better yet, keep one in your bag for easy moisturizing on-the-go.  Safe travels!

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