Lose that catfish-tache

I shave my legs and arms.  I tweeze my brows.  I tried both of those options and hair removal cream, but the only thing that ever worked for my stiff upper lip was waxing.

Pretty much what I look like if I go too long without waxing my upper lip

Something about how the salons keep the same pot of wax for who-knows-how-long always creeped me out a bit.  That’s why I was so keen to try and subsequently fell in love with DIY waxing strips.

wax strips
Goodbye catfish-stache. Hello baby-soft.

After more than a few trial-and-error attempts, I’ve now figured out a routine that works for me:

1) Dust the waxing area lightly with sebum/pore powder.  It could be any fine powder you have on hand, even baby powder.  This helps get rid of residual oil on the face and make it better for the waxing strip to adhere.  Just make sure to brush off excess powder.

innisfree powder
I love me some innisfree…

2) Cut the waxing strip in half.  Smaller strips are easier to handle and more helpful for hard-to-reach areas.  I discovered this trick accidentally when I had one strip left and full lip to wax.

3) Apply the strips.  As you might imagine given my visual reference earlier, I always start with the upper corners of my lips.

4) Use another strip or tweeze any leftover hairs.

5) Immediately apply soothing cream or lotion to the waxed area.  My preference is Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Vera gel.

aloe vera
Nature Republic Aloe Vera… a true all-purpose product

It’s a simple process that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.  And honestly, it’s another excuse for me to keep stocking up on my skincare inventory – perfect example of 2 birds, 1 stone.

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