Easy cheats for gradient lips

Does the idea of applying lip concealer, 2 lip sticks AND a gloss strike you as too cumbersome or complicated?  Fear not, here are a couple of cheat options.

As with any trend, you can always pay for products that do the work for you.  Best is VDL Triple Shot lipstick:

VDL triple shot
VDL Trip Shot color options

Each of these lipsticks contain 3 shades.  One of the colors is a skin-tone shade.  The other two are colors in the same family with one dark, one light.  Apply this lipstick, with skin-tone color facing out and darkest color on the inside.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I own all three of the VDL Triple Shot colors.  That was my gateway lipstick for my obsession with gradient lips.

If your preference is for simpler gradient lips that focus more on color rather than ‘fade out’ to nude, Laneige has just the answer:

Laneige Two Toned Lipstick
Laneige Two Toned Lipstick

Wet n Wild is also cashing in on the trend with its Perfect Pout Set, which includes a pair of lip colors that work well for gradient look.  I found these at my local Walgreen’s but they are hard to find and I’ve had no luck trying to order them online.

Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Set

But if any of these options are still too much work, then just dot the middle of your lips with some color and use your finger to apply some lip balm.  Just remember to wipe your finger clean before you reach for your phone.

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