I want to believe.

I may have mentioned this before but when I’m not doing crazy things to my face like applying modeling masks that looks like dog-vomit, I try to earn a living as something of a marketer-for-hire (a gal’s gotta pay for her skincare addiction somehow, amiriiiight???).  So it is of particular interest to me when I come across descriptions or advertising for kbeauty products that pique my professional curiosity.

To wit, refer to the description on wishtrend.com for Cosrx Honey Propolis Light Ampule:

cosrx with more science

more science

Where to start?  How about with “More Science”?  The use of ‘more’ here is very intriguing to me.  This superlative form implies that there is now, compared to before, a greater quantity of science.  Or in another sense, there is in this product a greater amount of science than another comparable product.  Rather than getting me interested in trying this product, and I say this as a long-time lover of the Propolis Light Ampule, it makes me wonder if I should be or I should have been looking for a product with ‘more science’ from the beginning.

Second but no less fascinating to me is “80% Propolis”.  Let me level with you here.  I have no idea what propolis is.  I don’t know what it is because I have never cared enough to find out.  I have always prefered to believe it is some sort of fairy dust that calms my angry red skin.  I never bothered to think about how much propolis there should be in my ampule.  Should I have?

Looking at this description triggered a crisis of self-identity.  What have I been using all this time?  Is 80% propolis enough?  Is it too much?  What is the point of diminishing returns for propolis?  It blew my mind.  I was on a downward spiral.  But I realized what mattered to me is as simple as… I like it.  I like Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule.  I like how my skin feels as it soaks it up.  And I even like how the initially greasy feeling slowly turns velvety on my face.

In that sense, it doesn’t matter to me that there’s more science.  The reality is choosing a beauty product to try is as much faith-based as any decision can be.  And it’s my decision to believe that Cosrx Propolis Light ampule is made up of 80% propolis… and 20% light.  After all, why else would it be called Propolis Light Ampule?

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