My safe word is “SuperAqua”

I get a great deal of satisfaction from finishing up a bottle (or a pot) of product. It fills me with a sense of accomplishment. It also allows me to carefully ‘curate’ my next regimen.

After finishing up my Belif essence and cream, I was excited to rearrange my bathroom counter and choose my next regimen:


Aside from a couple of fixtures like my Skinceuticals Redness Correcting Serum and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I decided to line up re:p products for my next routine.

I had tried the all-in-one multi-item and loved it so much, I set it aside and ordered the other products from re:p and eagerly waited for Belif Aqua Bomb to get used up.

My new skincare routine began this morning with re:p gentle foam cleanser, followed by all-in-one multi-item and moisturizing gel oil.

Fast forward 6 hours later, and I have 3 very angry looking red bumps on my face threatening to surface.  My educated guess is my skin did not take to the moisturizing gel oil. The minute I applied it, it felt greasy and sticky and all the other adjectives I don’t like to associate with my skincare products.

Now, in all fairness, the breakout alarm could be due to the change in seasons, hormonal fluctuation or just plain sleep deprivation.  Regardless, I think this is probably a good time to revert back to my fail safe routine – Nature Republic Super Aqua Max for combination skin.

The best thing about having a ‘safety’ skin care routine is that I can experiment all I want and if it doesn’t work out, I can always come back to my safe option… And today is the perfect time to go back to it.


My skin has settled down after couple of rounds of intense masking – clay mask, wash-off mask and a calming sheet mask. I haven’t written off re:p completely yet – I will likely give it at least one more chance once the weather decides whether (pun totes intended) it’s still winter or if it’s finally spring.  Meanwhile, I will reacquaint myself with the Super Aqua Max line up.


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