Rejected blog names

Reject #1

Approach: I wanted to convey my willingness to explore different skincare products and brands. I have my favorites but never limit my experiences to only those I know and love.

Name: The SkinSlut

Tag line: I’ll try anything once

Issues: Potentially misleading… Plus, blocked access on work computer

Reject #2

Approach: I’m no Miss Congeniality. I wanted to be clear about my interests and my tendency to be petty and stubborn with my opinions.

Name: The Beauty Brat

Tag line: You know you like it

Issues: Too much swagger + bad personality and poor selfie skills meant I can only confidently deliver on the second half.

Reject #3

Approach: A nod to the superficial tendencies I have when it comes to judging others.

Name: The Facist

Tag line: Average face. Extraordinary opinions.

Issues: Urban dictionary had a definition for faceology and Facist which could be polemic. Also high risk for misspelling and association with fascist, an association I’m mot ready to go public with yet.

Reject #4

Approach: Explore options that play on words related to k-beauty

Name: Sheets and Giggles

Tag line: Good for a laugh and better for your laugh lines

Issues: I’m really not that funny.

What do you think? Did I make a good choice with The SKINista?

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