Review in 5 emojis – Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam line


I had read so much about Benton skincare, I didn’t hesitate to order Memebox for Benton when it was unveiled.  The box included mist, skin (toner), essence and cream.  Renewing properties of snail combined with clearing benefits of bee venom?  How could it possibly be anything less than perfect?

It’s not the bird and the bees that make magic – it’s the snails and the bees!

Reviews on Benton were unanimously positive.  I was convinced this would be my NEXT FAVORITE thing.  And it could very well have been.

I’ve written about my sensitivity to certain fragrances before.  When it comes to smells associated with stuff I put on my face, the issue goes beyond simple ‘dislike’ for me.  But no need to go into that for now.

Benton products all performed admirably.  My skin felt hydrated without feeling greasy or sticky.  Though my face turned a bit red the first time I went through the whole routine, it quickly faded and my skin felt amazing.

This is where my unrepentant snobbery kicks in.  As much as I liked the feel of Benton skincare, I quickly washed it off.  To me, the lingering smell was a deal breaker.  Basically, all the products smelled like the essence of a very sweaty gym rat.  I felt like my face was buried in some hairy armpit that had never met a deodorant or anti-antiperspirant.

I desperately wanted everything I read about other people’s experience with Benton to happen to my face.  But I also needed to be realistic,  I knew I wasn’t going to be reaching for Benton again.

If you’re not the type of person to be bothered by a mild, barely-there smell of sweaty gym socks, then please by all means, try Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam.  Forget the birds and the bees, it’s all about the snails and the bees… but I suggest you try to avoid your nose area when you apply.  Just in case.


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