Save your face. Don’t follow the directions on the box.

Lindsay Modeling Masks have totally changed my opinion of peel-off mask packs.

imageThey are easy to mix and a pleasure to have on and the best part, there’s minimal residue afterwards – nothing a nice wipe with a toner soaked cotton couldn’t handle.

One box comes with 5 masks, reusable mixing bowl and a spatula you can use for mixing and applying. The cost is on the higher side at $35 per box through Memebox (my absolute favorite k-beauty eRetailer!).  Each mask requires 2 pouches so in sum there are 10 individual pouches in the box: 5 powder mixes and 5 gel blending agents. It seems like a lot of work but I can say without any reservation that these masks are worth it.
First, each mask requires you to combine the powder and gel. I loved not having to guess how much liquid I needed to use – my past experiences with modeling masks have seen consistencies comparable to papier mache and green goo similar to that disgusting slime Nicklodeon seems to have trade marked and everything in between.
Second, application was a lovely experience. the texture had the right balance of consistency that retained some flexibility while staying thick enough to stay on my face, and not my shirt or heaven forbid our recently renovated bathroom floor.  It felt cooling when applied to face and I could feel the immediate hydration.
Third, removing the mask was a cinch. After about 20 minutes I could tell the mask was ready to come off. It was fairly late and I was tired. A yawn escaped. But a yawn was all it took to loosen up the mask and in less than 3 seconds, I was fully unmasked.
As a general rule of thumb, when I use mask with any color, as this did, I always follow up with toner on cotton pad to remove any residual tint remaining on my face. I definitely recommend that practice when using Lindsay Peel-Off Masks.   You’ll be satisfied to see the cotton pad pick up bits of mask remainders and some light coloring that didn’t come off with the mask.  On second thought, that coloring could very well be the dirt that mask drew out. Ewwww.  Gross yet even more satisfying in a way. In any case, just trust me and tone afterwards.

This is my new favorite peel off mask bar none. However, I would strongly advise anyone interested in trying this product to exercise some caution and discretion in following the direction on package.


At least feel free to skip the whole ‘trim your skin texture by toner’.  I tend to follow the directions pretty closely when trying new products but this step, I didn’t even want to figure out what it was trying to convey. Trimming skin texture sounds pretty dangerous to me. At least until they come out with a Texture Trimming Toner as a hot new product. In that case, I’m sure I’ll be the first in line to give it a go.

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