Skincare addiction? Confirmed!

I knew my dedication to skincare was borderline obsessive. But I knew, without a doubt, that it was an addiction when my first thought after discovering plumbing problems in the bathroom this morning was: “how am I going to do my morning skincare routine?”

I can always go across the street to a neighborhood bodega to use the bathroom there (at my own risk, of course); the thought of hauling all my products over there and locking myself up in the bathroom for 10 minutes for my regimen sounded absurd. It is also a method of self-deception.  My morning routine, simpler of the two routines for AM and PM, doesn’t take 10 min. It’s more like 30.  Don’t judge me. You have to let the wash-off pack settle before rinsing!  Plus it’s a good opportunity to run through the day ahead… Or so I tell my husband.

Thank gaaawwwd for modeling masks:

Courtesy of Lindsay Modeling Mask, "Liquid Luxury"
Lindsay Modeling Mask, “Liquid Luxury” and my bed hair + tons of bobby pins

This one in particular comes in easy-to-use packaging – you just mix the contents of pouch #1 with pouch #2. Li-tree-rlly.


After I peeled off the mask (and this one is soooouper easy to peel off), I wiped my face with a generous amount of toner on a cotton pad and I was ready to go.  Actually, ready to call the plumber. Let’s admit it, I’m not going outside without my full face done.

Peel off mask or result of too much fun the night before?
Peel off mask or result of too much fun the night before?

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