Don’t throw away that BB cushion yet!


I stopped using BB cushions for a while. I stopped because I was going through them too quickly – they were drying out too much in between uses.  Here are two little tricks that’s worked wonders for my BB cushions… and my wallet. 

Solution 1) Flip it

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It is as easy as it looks. Dig out the cushion from the compact – I use a tooth pick for this – and flip it over before reinserting the cushion.   This usually gets another week out of the cushion.  I’ve also re-flipped the cushion and managed to get a few more uses out of it.

Solution 2) Re-wet it

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In this case, I like using Son & Park Beauty Gel, but any clear gel or jelly type moisturizing liquid will work. I’ve also used a few drops of ampules.

One additional thing I recommend for re-wetting the cusion is to add some drops of color like VDL Expert Blending Shade.  My go-to is Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Foundation in 8.5 which I intentionally purchased in a shade darker than my skin.  I love liquid foundations exactly for this reason.  I mix a drop or two of the foundation with my BB creams or moisturizers, essentially creating my own custom tint. This is also a necessary step when I re-wet the BB cushion with moisturizing gel because added liquid will lighten the coverage.

Once you’ve added your own concoction of ampules, foundation, blending agents and/or gels, use your fingers to press the cushion a few times to mix. Don’t use the puff for this because it ends up absorbing rather than mixing.

Now, if you’re just looking for an excuse to order new cushions to try out, then I’m in full support of that.  I’m not admitting guilt but it’s completely possible I may have left a cushion or two slightly ajar to ease my guilt about ordering new cushions. But if you happen to find yourself in a desperate struggle get some out of your dying cushion, these are a couple of simple solutions that will get some extended life or tide you over before your refill arrives.

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