Masking the problem


I 💖💖💖 masks.  Sheet masks, peel off masks, wash off masks, eye masks, foot and hand masks… I love them all.

I especially love doing masks with others.  Some might argue I’m closer to being a mask Nazi. I’d have a hard time defending myself against that claim.  Not only do I pressure people do masks with me, I am *VERY* forceful about exactly what type of masks they should do for their specific troubles.  Here are a few mask prescriptions:

For a precocious tween girl and her companion: Freeman Cucumber Peel Off Mask and freshly slices cucumber for the invisible bags under her eyes she insists she has…


For a husband who came home way too late and drunk after entertaining clients: The Face Shop Seaweed Washoff Pack and a chance at forgiveness


For classy ladies on a trip out to Pacific Northwest who gamely indulged their over-bearing mask Nazi friend: Innisfree Volcanic Clay Washoff mask…


For the mask Nazi herself: There is no mask I have not tried or not willing to try…

image imageimage imageimage

Of course there are times when a master-class worthy mask blending is necessary: Missha Natural Color Clay Mask Green Clay on the T-Zone, I’m From Vitamin Tree Mask for dry cheeks, Tony Moly Lip Scrub to exfoliate lips, and (not visible in the picture) Holika Holika Baby Foot Peel Masks…


By the way, if you’re wondering, Tiger’s skin is flawless so he doesn’t need masks.  Lucky dog. 😝

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