Airbrush misuse that can save your eye makeup

Where have you been all my life?
Where have you been all my life?

I own a makeup airbrush.  No, that’s not right.  I own TWO makeup airbrushes.  My ‘starter’ set was an Aeroblend kit I bought on Amazon last year.  I love what it did for my foundation, but I have limited space on my vanity and the whole tube/cable-thing… ugh, I’m so over it!  I kept knocking things over and it made me frustrated enough that I just kinda stopped using it.

I had initially considered buying one of the Temptu airbrush sets, especially Temptu Air.  I loved the idea behind it but didn’t see how I could customize colors using pre-packaged pods of colors.  And oh yeah, it’s pretty pricey, too.  Aeroblend was a great value set to get comfortable with airbrushing.  But when I attended The Makeup Show in NYC earlier this month, I stopped by the Temptu booth and discovered they had a solution for both of my concerns with a special Airpod Pro set.  The main difference is that an Airpod Pros – unlike regular amateur Airpods – is reusable and allows you to custom-blend.  Of course, I left the show with my own set.

What I love the most about it (this is probably true of most airbrushes), is how I can use the same device as a makeup dryer.  Let me explain.  My eyes are very stereotypical.  They are small and hooded with minimally visible double-fold eyelids… basically, everything offensive about any and every Asian cartoon character eye-feature, EVER.  That means, regardless of how much waterproof products I use, my eye makeup will smudge within the first hour.

Package includes application brush (which I promptly lost upon opening) and a small ‘cap’ to use for mixing


I liked the idea of Aqua Sealants like the ones from Makeup Revolution (Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer) or e.l.f. (Makeup Lock & Seal).  I tried both and hated it. God forbid you blink even once before these sealants are completely dry… if that happens, just wipe your entire eye makeup off and start over.  It’s going to be much quicker to reapply than to try to clean up that blotchy mess.

Luckily, I discovered a way to use my Airpro to reduce sealant drying time.  It sounds obvious, I know.  But who in their mind actually even thinks to use an airbrush machine as a makeup dryer?

I swear, using the airbrush (without any product) has changed my life.  It works a lot better than anything else I’ve tried.  After eye primer (or base) and shadow application, I spritz a bit of setting spray on my eye lids, then I turn on my Airpro and hold it up to my [closed] eyes to speed up drying.  Make sure to not release any product while using it as a ‘dryer’.  Following that, I apply my liquid/gel eyeliner topped off with a light application of makeup sealant.

Apply the sealant with a very very very soft touch.  NEVER brush on or apply in a swiping motion – the best method I found is to deposit the product onto the lid by lightly patting it with a flat shadow brush that’s been dipped in sealant.  Finally, I use the airbrush to dry the sealant.  It takes about 30-45 seconds before I feel safe enough to open my eye.  Repeat the process for the other eye.  For obvious reasons, it’s best to do one eye at a time.  Unless you’re a Cyclops… in that case: congratulations, you’re done!

I had pretty much given up on smudge-free eye makeup before I discovered this ‘technique’.  I was on the cusp of throwing away all my makeup sealants.  But now, I can confidently apply eyeliner without constantly wiping around the eyes, blotting inner eye corners, or touching up eye shadow through out the day.

In theory, this is a technique that can be used with any airbrush unit… or if you’re willing to try, even a hairdryer on low will do (but only if it has a COOL AIR feature as I learned the hard way…).  I just happen to prefer the cable-less Airpro device, which is officially my most favorite makeup applicator of all time.  Sorry, Beauty Blender.  So… who wants my Aeroblend?

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