Baked lips are the new lip stains – recipe included

I love lip stains. Their ability to outlast is no joke. There are, of course, a few down sides to its durability. For instance, I spilled some lip stain and got it on my finger. Two days later, it’s still there.

That’s not a Sharpie stain… (and clearly, I’m overdue for a manicure!)

Since I’m very clumsy, this kind of stuff happens all the time. It not unusual for me to end up with better makeup application on my shirt or my hand than my face. (Tip: Spraying the stain with some cleansing water like BioDerma micellar water helps. In fact, in my experience, it works better than stain treaters like Shout or Tide Stick for makeup stains.)

After several trial and errors, I’ve discovered a sure-fire way to keep your lip color on all day.  Mind you, I’ve tested this method during peak allergy season which means the joys of having to blow my nose repeatedly through out the day.  Here’s what you will need to ‘bake’ your lips:


  • Lip balm or lip mask to hydrate your lips before baking – I recommend Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
  • Waterproof concealer – my personal favorite is Tarte Maracuja Concealer, if you don’t have one handy, eye shadow base will work (I tend to avoid lip primers as I find those products tend to leave lip color to ‘feather’ around the edges)
  • Translucent/setting powder to bake – one that has the least color is preferable, like By Terry Hydraluronic Powder which is pretty clear and has hydrating properties
  • Lip color that is at least a shade or two darker/brighter than your desired look
From top to bottom: Baking with powder Post-bake (no additional layer of color) 8 hours later after numerous sneezes, nose blowing, 2 bottles of water and 3 cups of coffee... without retouching
From top to bottom:
– Baking with powder
– Post-bake (no additional layer of color)
-8 hours later after numerous sneezes, nose blowing, several applications of Chapstick, 2 bottles of water and 3 cups of coffee… without color retouching

Step-by-step Direction:

  1. Apply lip balm or mask, and while it infuses the lips with some moisture, apply other makeup
  2. When ready to take on lips, wipe excess balm or mask off and gently tap lips with fingertips to massage and ‘plump’ up
  3. Start by applying a thin layer of waterproof concealer or eye shadow base on the lips
  4. Very lightly dust on translucent powder (this will help lip stick/lip gloss go on smoothly and stay on without feathering)
  5. Apply lip color of your choice – remember to apply a darker shade or apply second layer as ‘baking’ will lighten the color
  6. Using a flat powder brush or finders, generously pat and deposit translucent powder to pack in lip color.  Make sure to cover the outer edges of your lips to prevent feathering and smudging.  Let the powder sit for a couple of minutes.  This is usually when I apply my mascara or false lashes.
  7. Use a blending brush (powder brushes are ok but harder to maneuver on smaller area) to dust off excess powder from the lips.
  8. If you want a brighter/more saturated color, a light coating of same lip color or a lighter shade helps make the lips pop more.
  9. OPTIONAL: You can use lip sealant as the final step for extra barrier but with this method, I haven’t needed to use it at all.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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