Face-off: Rae Morris vs. Pony Effect Magnetic Brushes [REVIEW]

Pony Effect Magnetic Brush Set


Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Set


Since Pony Effect Magnetic Brush Set launched earlier this year, there’s been some debate online whether she blatantly copied Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Set idea or as it’s been claimed “researched and improved upon”.  No doubt the similarities are striking.  I mean, really really striking… like, they could have at least made an effort to produce the metal frame to be in a different shape.  Are you with me that squares are sooooo 90’s???  What’s wrong with a good ol’ fashioned trapezoid?

In any case, the cat-fights (mostly by their followers) on SNS have taken an uncomfortable turn with cultural and racial undertones.  As a follower and devotee of both MUA heavy-weights, I’ve felt quite conflicted over this issue.  But my personal feelings aside, I was glad to expand my makeup brush arsenal with additions from both lines.

Cost-wise, Pony Effect magnetic brush set is at a lower price point. For about the same price, you can either purchase Rae Morris Eye Brush Set (8 brushes, no metal frame or plate) or Pony Effect Eye + Face Brush Deluxe Set (11 brushes with metal frame).

Both brush sets make it easy to apply and blend makeup, especially powder products.  It comes down to a matter of preference for brush shape and size for the user.  Also, these makeup brushes are representative of their creators’ respective styles.  I found that Pony Effect brushes were better for blending and Rae Morris brushes better for detailed work.  For instance, I would not recommend Pony Effect eyeliner brush for actual eye liner application but would recommend it for smudging the eyeliner once it’s been applied, while Rae Morris has fantastic options for thin, precise liner brushes.

Also, note that kbeauty makeup brushes tend to favor more blunt shapes conducive for blending rather than typical (European/American/Australian… is that imperialist for me to refer to that as ‘typical’?  yikes.) makeup brushes which is starting to trend toward pointier and more layered bristles.  It’s partly this shape that makes detailed work and controlling the amount of product that gets applied much easier.

DMZ for makeup brushes... my vanity
DMZ for makeup brushes… my vanity

I’ve had both sets for about a month now and use them daily.  And I’m ready to call this one… without question, Rae Morris brushes are superior.  Pony Effect brushes shed more than my dog does in the spring (which still has not come to NYC this year yet… it’s May and I have the heat on!). In particular, if I know I’m going to use the Pony Effect powder brush, I make sure to have a pair of tweezers on hand to pick up the bristles that stick to my face.

I am a brush cleaning fanatic.  I cleanse my brushes in between uses and wash them at least once a week. The first time I washed Pony Effect brushes, I thought my sink drain might get clogged from the hair and bristles that came off.  The bigger the brush, the bigger the ‘hair loss’.  I worry these brushes will lose more and more bristles with each cleansing and washing.

It’s no surprise then that I found myself reaching for the Rae Morris brushes more and more.  I alternate between “Asian-style” makeup and “Western-style” makeup, but most of the time use a combination of techniques from both styles.  When I first started using these brushes, my brush selection reflected the makeup style I was going for; but over time, the issue of bristle loss, both from application and cleansing (but especially cleaning the room afterwards) became enough of an inconvenience that I just ordered a couple of Rae Morris face/kabuki brushes to complete that set.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still like Pony Effect brushes and they will probably last me a few good years, at least until the next interesting makeup brush gimmick.  But they have been packed into my travel kit and I will continue to use those brushes.  Just not in my room.




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  1. Thanks for the helpful review! I saw the Pony brushes on Memebox and was instantly intrigued because Rae Morris is so much higher priced, so it’s too bad the Pony brushes aren’t better.

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