Review in 5 emojis – Donginbi Red Ginseng Deep Treatment Mask


Donginbi Red Ginseng Treatment Mask


I have nothing but professional respect for a well-executed brand extension. Case in point, Donginbi is a brand from Korea Ginseng Corporation which branched into cosmetics leveraging their specialty.  Can you guess what that specialty is?  Here’s a hint: it’s in the name.
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Masking the problem


I 💖💖💖 masks.  Sheet masks, peel off masks, wash off masks, eye masks, foot and hand masks… I love them all.

I especially love doing masks with others.  Some might argue I’m closer to being a mask Nazi. I’d have a hard time defending myself against that claim.  Not only do I pressure people do masks with me, I am *VERY* forceful about exactly what type of masks they should do for their specific troubles.  Here are a few mask prescriptions:

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I want to believe.

I may have mentioned this before but when I’m not doing crazy things to my face like applying modeling masks that looks like dog-vomit, I try to earn a living as something of a marketer-for-hire (a gal’s gotta pay for her skincare addiction somehow, amiriiiight???).  So it is of particular interest to me when I come across descriptions or advertising for kbeauty products that pique my professional curiosity.

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Review in 5 emojis – Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam line


I had read so much about Benton skincare, I didn’t hesitate to order Memebox for Benton when it was unveiled.  The box included mist, skin (toner), essence and cream.  Renewing properties of snail combined with clearing benefits of bee venom?  How could it possibly be anything less than perfect?

It’s not the bird and the bees that make magic – it’s the snails and the bees!

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