Random product of the month: November edition

For those of us who has ever wanted to look like an emoji in real life, there’s now a product that gets us one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

img_3267 img_3268

Ziukoza from Too Cool for School promises to remove those pesky and stubborn lips and eyes.  Lips and eyes are great for micro-expressions but why bother when a simple pair of dots and a parenthesis does a perfect job of expressing everything you need to communicate? 😕🙂

Lost in translation: Whitening

People often whisper about Asian ideals of beauty to be more “white”.  I have LOTS to say on this matter. But today, I will focus on one frequently misunderstood term: whitening.

The most important thing to know about whitening skincare products, at least among Asian beauty options, is that it does not mean skin bleaching.  From my day jab experience in marketing, I can appreciate the confusion.
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Random product of the month: May Edition

Transform into an attractive lady!


“Steps that can transform an average-looking woman into an attractive lady”…

That’s what it says on the product box. Of course I was going to buy it. I didn’t even look at the product, I was entranced by the promise of becoming an attractive lady.

The product?

Tony Moly Nail Patch
Tony Moly Nail Patch


Who knew ridged-nails could be such a threat to my attractiveness. Also, I suppose using this will imbue in me some level of class…?  That’s good because as is, I am no lady.


I want to believe.

I may have mentioned this before but when I’m not doing crazy things to my face like applying modeling masks that looks like dog-vomit, I try to earn a living as something of a marketer-for-hire (a gal’s gotta pay for her skincare addiction somehow, amiriiiight???).  So it is of particular interest to me when I come across descriptions or advertising for kbeauty products that pique my professional curiosity.

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